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Buzz-worthy glute training products

Developed in partnership with Glutebuilder and exclusively available from Precor


Precision biomechanics

Exact motion paths with smooth, constant resistance ensures effective and efficient workouts.

Optimal fit for all exercisers

Multiple adjustment points allow exercisers to find the perfect fit and range of motion.

Exercise variety

6 innovative plate loaded products that target the glutes, legs, and hips.

Hip Thrust Elite

A smith machine for the glutes! Exercisers can move the barbell freely up and down, or slide it forwards and backwards for a perfect fit.

Deadlift Elite

A purpose-built training platform for deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats, with multiple grip positions, independent arm options, and a low starting weight.

3D Multi-Abductor

The multi-planar 3D motion and optimized resistance profile ensures the glutes are challenged through the entire range of motion. Even better, the adjustable seat back shifts the emphasis from the gluteus maximus to medius muscles.

Pendulum Kickback

Replicates the popular cable kickback exercise in a more stable, effective way that isolates movement to the hip joint.

Dual 45 Hip Extension

The industry's first 45-degree plate loaded hip extension offers multiple foot plates for hamstring and glute training positions, while eliminating the struggle of holding free weights during the movement.

Kneeling Glute Isolator

The best plate loaded machine for isolating the glutes and engaging them properly throughout extension.

Ask your Precor sales rep how to generate excitement with these 6 biomechanically brilliant glute training products.