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Preva® Networked Fitness

Your game-changing addition to Precor cardio and strength training

Media and metrics to keep your exercisers motivated and you up to speed.

The Preva® Network: proven, reliable and growing

Sync up

100+ countries connected by Preva Networked Fitness.

Global connections

More than 14,000 facilities worldwide use Preva Networked Fitness.

Screen time

Over 143,000 consoles around the world are connected through Preva Networked Fitness.

Mileage matters

More than 1 billion workouts recorded and growing every second.

Console specs

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The cardio lineup

Crafted for the sizes, shapes, speeds and spaces of today.

The strength lineup

Explore our durable and adaptable strength equipment.

Connected Fitness Solutions

World-class software solutions for your fitness business